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Siri For Android

Siri is known to be the trendsetter in the category of voice assistants. Basically, this application was only delivered for iPhone & iPads. So after when Google saw it’s success grooming among plenty of iOS users, the tech giant decided to deliver their own voice assistant for Android. But that was not enough, after that, a number of similar apps were introduced in the market especially for Android devices. Now it has become really difficult for a user to decide what to choose for himself.  However, iOS users don’t have the option to choose from, they have to stuck with the Siri. On the other hand, Android users can choose from a number of voice assistants.

Now before we move on, let me tell you straight away,  there is no official version of Siri For Android. So here I will tell you about the best free Siri Alternatives For Android. Let’s Begin!

Siri For Android

List of Best Free Siri For Android Alternatives

So far you know that the Android users have a huge amount of choice on voice assistants. But the iOS users are not delivered with such a choice because they are not using an open source operating system. Likewise, here we are going to discuss the best free Siri Alternatives for Android. Most of the voice assistants are introduced by the big smartphone industries like Samsung, LG & Google.

Google Assistant

Like we discussed before, Google Assistant cannot be beaten by any of the voice assistants out there. The reason why it’s popular is that it is available for every Android device. Now even it is available for iOS devices for free. Many iPhone users have now started to trust Google Assistant as their companion to help them control their smartphone. Now you can use this amazing Siri alternative on your Android device without any trouble. Likely, it will help you to take full control of your device, access different web portals, open or close installed apps and so on. Not just that but users can also use this amazing tool to get some general answers. However, it is installed by default in every Android device with Android v8.0 or above.

Google Assistant on Android


Another fascinating substitute to Siri is Cortana For Android. This voice assistant works well for users who have a Windows PC and they also have an Android device. Because such a way is useful when you are trying to connect your PC & Android Phone together. Like the iOS users connect their iPhone and iMac together. Fortunately, Cortana helps you a lot to stay up to date with your reminders. If you have scheduled something on your computer, this amazing voice assistant will notify you on Phone. Microsoft has made it sure to deliver its users with all the possible features. Even if you are using a Windows PC, you can still control it with the help of your Android phone.

Cortana For Android


If you are willing to try something out of the famous league, Sherpa is the right thing for you. It helps you a lot by providing you with the most relevant search results. This voice assistant is kind of different from any other available in the market. It’s because it recommends you with things according to your intrust. In the beginning, it asks you some questions to know more about you. After you have provided it with the right answers, it will help you get greater search results in the future. In my opinion, you should try Sherpa, as it is a good alternative to Siri.

Sherpa on Android

Amazon Alexa

Plenty of people own smart products introduced by Amazon. Like smart TV, Amazon music, Alexa ecosystem and so on. For such users, Amazon Alexa works as the best alternative to Siri. this amazing and powerful voice assistant let you control all of the Alexa products through your phone. Even if you are in bed, just say the word near your phone and it will start to work for you. No need to give voice commands to every single piece of Alexa device, because now Amazon Alexa voice assistant on Android is with you.

Amazon Alexa For Android


If you want a simple and easy to use voice assistant, Lyra is the right tool for you. This voice assistant is delivered for users who don’t want any sort of complications while performing their desired tasks. The application’s interface is really simple and there is no creativity but it can get the job done instantly. Users can ask Lyra any questions they want, ask it to deliver them with the best search results online. Though, if you want a no-trouble Siri alternative is your pocket, Lyra on Android will be your right choice.

Lyra For Android


Robin focuses on delivering its services to drivers. This voice assistant lets you get the best driveways to your destination. With the help of the internet, it tells you which roads suits you the best and in how much time you can get to your desired destination. Users can also use it to perform other tasks on their phone as well. The unique thing about Robin is that it comes with a built-in map, which drivers can use according to their perspective. Most of the Uber drivers or even the riders can use it to see where they are going.

Robin For Android


Just like Siri works well for iOS users, Bixby is the right choice for Samsung smartphones. This awesome voice assistant will let you perform anything you want on your Android device. The only problem with Bixby is that it is delivered only for Samsung devices. Though, users can perform any of their desired tasks like scheduling a text message, getting information from the internet and so on. If I am being honest, this voice assistant provides you with the search results frequently. There are complications with it but only you should own an Android device with Android v9.0 or above.

Bixby For Android

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