List Of Best Siri shortcuts For iOS Devices

Siri shortcuts iOS Devices

Siri shortcuts For iOS Device contain a method where one can perform it in a continuous way and can be actuated by verbalizing with the help of Siri. These shortcuts in iOS 12 open more ways for automation in iPhones and iPad.

There are some pre-made shortcuts in the Gallery tab, you can add it to the library by clicking a shortcut option. There are a lot of customization options in iOS 12, you can even customize pre-made shortcut.

Moreover, you also have an option to create a shortcut from obliterating by slinging together many actions and instructions.

Although mostly pre-made shortcuts in this app are boring and simple along with this there are so many fanatics, they have a keen interest in this app and make this app a useful tool for them.

Here we gathered some useful shortcuts from the internet that you must try for enhancing your productivity, so let us elaborate you about them:

Siri shortcuts iOS Devices

List Of Best Siri shortcuts For iOS Devices

1. Rescale image for sharing on social media:

By using this shortcut you can easily rescale your saved images according to the requirement of social media websites where image size related restrictions exist. Now you can resize width and height by editing the shortcut as you desired. You can induce this iOS 12 shortcuts from the share sheet in the photos app.

2. Hit YouTube Videos Through Safari:

This Siri Shortcut could help you when you don’t want to watch a video but want to listen to a song on YouTube. By installing this, you can get access to YouTube then open YouTube on Safari browser. Now play any video then choose the shortcut from share sheet in Safari browser. By minimizing Safari you can play a song from the control centre.

3. Collect Videos from Safari:

Mostly while browsing internet you like some video and want to download it, By using this Siri shortcut this becomes very easy. Now you can easily download desired videos directly to your iOS.

4. Breakout Paywall on online Articles:

Commonly, we come across on online websites where articles constraints exist. If you want to read the complete article you either buy a subscription or need to sign up for a website. By using iOS 12 Shortcut, you can break out the paywall and have an approach to the desired article without any registration or payment. But here I must say that you can proceed for this at your own risk as I am not sure about the legitimacy of this shortcut.

5. Spotify for playing songs:

Basically, this Siri Shortcut is for music lovers. You can enjoy songs preferably in Spotify rather than in Apple Music. By activating this, the shortcut provokes you to say the album name or song name you desired to play by using Spotify.

6. Download YouTube Videos:

By using this shortcut YouTube videos can be download conveniently in iPhone. In a YouTube app, by using share sheet you can activate this shortcut. Download videos can be saved to either Photos app, or you can share it to video streaming app, for instance, VLC player.

In The End

That’s it for Best Siri shortcuts For iOS Device. Stay tuned for similar articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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