Top-Rated Skype Alternatives for Voice and Video Calls

Skype Alternatives for Voice and Video Calls

Skype performs a vital role in the world of internet calling for a very long time. It was one of the leading App to make a voice and video call. Whenever you want an internet call either a video or an audio first App comes in mind was a ‘Skype’. It earned a good name by its quality and free calling service but now there are so many issues with this App. Skype is now pierced with several problems like frequent crashes, excessive consumption of memory, Ads, low-quality call service and a lot.

Other than Skype now there are many Apps providing same services with better calling and other facilities. Most Apps have their unique functionality so you can pick them according to a specific feature. Some Apps are better to Chit Chat with your friends and family and some are launched for business purposes. You can read this interesting article in search of your favourite App.

Top-Rated Skype Alternatives for Voice and Video Calls:

If you are looking for better Skype alternatives then this article is going rock! here I am stating top App which can be utilised rather than Skype,


Viber is one of the oldest App used for internet calling. It is also from one of the Skype competitors but it still functional and performs pretty well. You can make calls and also chit chat with other Viber users. This App is free of cost and also its usage over bandwidth is low as compared to Skype. Viber consumes almost 250kb per minute for a voice call. You can also use this App to send images, videos and audio files.


Viber provides you with a facility of international calls to Viber user for free. If you want to connect those people who do not have a Viber account then you can make a call at a low cost. There is another low paid facility of calling those people who don’t have internet connectivity. It also offers you Viber games, public chat, news feed and HD video calling. This is the best App for making international calls.


Signal is also a good alternative to Skype. This App offers you to send text messages, pictures, documents along with high-quality voice and video calls. You can call anywhere in the world for free of cost. The cool aspect of this App is its Ad-free service, Moreover, you are also free from affiliated marketers and scary tracking tension by using this App.


This App is authorised by Electronic Frontier Foundation, Bruce Schneier and Edward Snowden. This is efficient, simple and safe to use. This App is secured through by encryption so you are safe to so messaging. You can also customize your chat by clear chat option in which your chat is automatically deleted after a particular time, selected by the user. This App is available for Web, iOS and Android and also its interface is attractive.


If you are looking for an App which benefits your international calls through VoIP than Voca is going to be best for you. It is an audio-video calling App like Skype and other Apps. You can have the opportunity of calling through Voca if you and your receiver both have this App installed on smartphones.


It also offers features for non-Voca users. If you don’t have a Vova account then you can make a call on landline and mobile networks via Voca for very reasonable rates. This App also provides you with messaging App which is available for both iOS and Android. Furthermore, it has a neat and simple interface and calls are encrypted so your security is also in safe hands. This App is very light and can be the best alternative for Skype.

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Hangout is also a messaging and calling App which is famous among its users because of its easy and simple features. This App even cut down the users of Google Duo owing its simple video calling characteristics. It has an amazing feature of the group call. You can make a group call with up to 10 people which is really great. Once you have a Hangout App on your smartphone you can even make an online call from the desktop without downloading its App.


You can use your contact number or email address to make a call. It also offers a syncing feature, you can sync across your devices and can call or chat anywhere you want. You can do chatting along with its attractive features like you can share pictures, emoji, maps, stickers, GIFs and much more to entertain a lot. This App is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. This App is equally useful for both business and an individual user.


Jitsi is an open source App have a very easy and simple user interface. This App is perfect for the user who has a privacy concern. A remarkable feature related to this App is that you are not forced to download this App. You can just make a call directly from the website by a single click. There is no condition to sign up for this App. You can also share its link with your friends to join a call.


By using this App you can also share your screen, encrypt your calls and even record a call. Echo cancellation and Noise suppression feature are used by the App to provide clear distortion free voice. Here the conference call can be made for free. This great App is available for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Web and Mac. Here your calls are an end to end encrypted so it can be the best option for you to keep your privacy protected.

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This again a good opportunity for people who are really concerned about their privacy. It is an official GNU package which is licensed under GPLv3. It offers decentralized communication and peers to peer discovery and connection. Ring fulfil its commitment to security very seriously. All the calls are encrypted through end to end encryption and endorsement through RSA/AEs/DTLS/SRTP technologies.


You can use an ID which is automatically generated by the App or over SIP to make a call. There is another feature that you can select to run SIP and Ring ID in parallel and can switch between two protocols according to your need. There is a condition to registering yourself via RingID on the blockchain to do text messages and make or receive a call. This App is available for Windows, Web, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. This App is ideal for privacy concerns, teleconferencing, text messaging and media sharing.


WhatsApp is the most commonly used App, millions of people use it for messaging and calling. It provides you end to end encryption to make your chats protected. This App is free of cost and also available for desktop along with as a mobile App. It offers all essential features like messaging over personal or groups, you can make calls, share photos, videos, audios and other documents as an attachment.


WhatsApp allows you to have a group call up to four people. It is a great App to spend time with friends and family. The downside of this App is the condition to have a net connection to use the App. WhatsApp is available for Windows, Web, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS. is the simple App for calling. It does not ask you to sign up or to download App or anything. For Android or iOS you need an App but not for desktop. Basically, it is famous for video calling you need to create a ‘Room’ link and share it with your favourite ones to start a conversation.

A great feature regarding this App is you can customize its setting about who can join you or lock it to increase your privacy so no unknown can approach you. If you create a single room where you can make a call with up to 4 people this is free of cost but if you want more rooms and desired to increase the number of people than you need to buy a pro plan. You can also share the screen, do messaging, send emojis and stickers to have more fun. This App is available for Windows, Web, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

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Final Verdict

All of the above Top-Rated Skype Alternatives for Voice and Video Calls works best intrust for the users who wish to have private and secure communication with their friends and friends members. Mostly all of them comes with a free package but sometimes when an individual like to make the enormous number of calls and wish to access all of the features of the portal, it may cost him a penny.

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