Snaptube for Android – APK Download

Snaptube for Android

Snaptube is a free live streaming video downloader app. It allows its users to download any sort of videos from the internet without any hassle. It’s the best alternative to a popular video downloader app known as Vidmate. However, if you are looking for the best way to download videos from the internet, Snaptube for Android is the right choice for you. Here I have provided the latest version but if you are intrusted in downloading the older and tested version. Head below in the APK Download details section and get Snaptube v4.59.0.4592410, as you prefer.

Snaptube Details

Firstly, take into consideration that Snaptube is not just an ordinary video downloader app. It also allows you to live stream videos for free. Users can visit different portals like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook Watch, Dailymotion and many other platforms to watch their favorite videos. There are no restrictions made for each n every user. Though, to download a video, you will have to open it inside Snaptube. Because only then you will be provided with a download button.

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Convert Downloaded Videos to Mp3

After a user has downloaded a video successfully, he can easily convert such videos in Mp3. A built-in converter is available for the users which are also accessible for free. You may have heard the name of Lark Player for Android, if yes, then such an amazing mp3 player is also installed with Snaptube. Further, if you are looking to explore some music tracks with mp3 format, Snaptube for Android will help you get the job done conveniently.

Snaptube for Android

Use Snaptube to Download Videos From Social Media

Snaptube has made it very easy for social media lovers to download their desired videos without any complications. For mostly the trending videos we are starting to find in Facebook Watch. The most convenient way to download such videos is by heading to the menu of your desired videos and then selecting Copy link. A yellow button will start to appear on the right bottom corner, just tap on it and you are good to go.

Further, if you are willing to download Whatsapp status videos, which are in demand from a lot of Whatsapp users. You can download it easily with the help of such an app. Just open the Whatsapp section available inside Snaptube. Here you will find all the Whatsapp status videos uploaded by your Whatsapp contacts. Tap on the download button and you will get the file in no time.

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Connect Snaptube With Youtube Account

Seems like Snaptube focuses on gathering Youtube users. It’s obvious because Youtube has the most number of users than any other live streaming portal. Consider yourself, why people love accessing Youtube to watch their favorite videos. Daah! This only platform has a humungous variety of videos that no other live streaming portal can ever have. Likely, Youtubeube also allows its users to have free accounts to help them get their desired results in no time.

So what if you could get all your data inside Snaptube? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you delivered with such a facility? Well, cheer up because now users can easily sync all of their Youtube data with Snaptube. As it is also a very easy and simple task to do so. Head to the Youtube section and enter your Youtube account credentials for a successful connection. In a couple of seconds, you will find all your past visited videos and liked playlists inside Snaptube.

Download Faster With Snaptube

There is a facility available for slow network users, they can download videos without much wait time. To start having such an astounding service, tap on the Me icon. Now navigate to settings and tap on Download. Here you can customize your options to download videos via fastly. For instance, set the downloading speed to unlimited, check the fast download box & allow Snaptube to connect with the best internet connection.

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Snaptube Other Facilities

That’s not just it, there is a lot more waiting for you. Some of the key facilities are enlisted below:

  • It does not consume much of your device’s battery.
  • Download online videos to watch them while you do not have an internet connection.
  • It allows you to visit popular Youtube and Podcast channels without any registration.
  • While live streaming, you will not be bothered by online ads.
  • After downloading, access your downloaded files folder conveniently.
  • Video resolution option, select according to the quality of your network.
  • Helpful to discover new videos on the internet.

Snaptube for Android – APK Download

Name Snaptube
Latest Version
Old Version
Developer Snaptube incorporations
Requirement Android v4.0 or above
Main Facility Video downloader & mp3 converter

How To Install Snaptube on Android

In order to install Snaptube on Android, a user must follow the easy steps provided below:

  • Firstly, download Snaptube APK file from the above-provided buttons.
  • Now, open the downloaded file and head to the settings of your mobile device.
  • Here check the “Installation from Unkown resources” box.
  • Head back to the installation window and proceed to install Snaptube on Android.
  • Once done, open it and enjoy.


Is Snaptube App Safe?

Yes, Snaptube is safe and you can trust it to download videos on your smartphones. There is such a case found yet which can prove Snaptube can harm your device. However, if you still feel worried. You can always acquire the services of VPN while live streaming and downloading videos.

How Do I Install Snaptube on My Computer?

Snaptube is an Android app that you can also access on your PC or Laptop. But to access it on your PC, you must use the services of a third-party software known as an Android emulator. If you wish to know how that part is done, visit Best iOS & Android Emulators For PC.

How Do I Download a Youtube Playlist With Snaptube?

Once you have synchronized your Youtube account with Snaptube. You need to open your favorite playlist to start downloading it. Tap on the three-dot menu icon and hit the download button. It will take a while and it will get the job done without any complications.

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