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Top Free Online Photoshop Alternatives

We all have the intention to look gorgeous especially when we share our pictures on social media, every one of us wants a huge appreciation from all. This can happen only when you look awesome at a specific angle. When you take a picture it looks perfect at the desired angle so before you going to post if you need to crop or sharpen it. Most of the time either there is rightness issue and the picture looks dull or might be an angel is not perfect so all these issues required you to use full Photoshop to make perfect color, focus, and exposure of the picture.

Photoshop is a bit tricky to use it professionally. Might be you are not enough professional to avail all of its features. This software is expensive too. Which is not a favorable option for the regular user. To make your pictures more adorable and professional look there are many other options by which you can do all with your clicks. In this article, I am going to mention some online photo editors which are easy to use and make you look like a professional photographer. All these Photoshops alternatives are free to use.

List of 9+ Top Free Online Photoshop Alternatives – Online editors:

There are few Photoshop alternatives and can be used to edit pictures easily,

Pixlr Editor:

Pixlr is one of the best online Photo editors with advanced editing tools. This editor is free of cost and can be used online. Pixlr has advanced editing tools like cloning and color replacement it means you can change the color of your picture where you want. It is a great feature and normally finds in paid software. You can use advanced image file Formats in this editor and can be export in PNG, BMP, JPG and even its own PXD format. If I consider its Interface, then no doubt it seems amazing, it has many tools, filters, brushes etc. you can adjust the color manually or automatic too. There is also an option for layers and masks color adjustment.

Pixlr editor

The only downside I feel in this editor is its advertisement, it takes up a large area which is something disgusting while you are editing something. If you want to get rid of this you can buy its pro version which is free from Ads and also provide you with some more features. Its pro version is available for 5$. Furthermore, Pixlr is available on Web, Chrome, Desktop, iOS, and Android. It can support 28 languages. Amazingly!


Now it turns to discuss Sumopaint. It is like Photoshop, however, its features are limited but some of it is the same as Photoshop like dock panels, add layers, numerous filters and effects, choose colors etc. These things are amazing to work with these features. Sumopaint is well known among users as it is used by almost thirty million people.

Sumopaint editor

An interesting feature of this editor is about its storage, it can save your work on cloud storage from where you can share easily. It has a user-friendly interface. Sumopaint is dependent on flash and it is its downside. A free version is available but its free version support SUMO format with JPG and PNG only which is not sufficient for web graphics. To avail all of its features and a whole range of supported formats for vast web graphics you need to purchase its pro version for 9$ per month. Its pro version is also free from advertisement.


Photopea is another photoshop alternative used as an online photo editor. This editor consists of some advanced tools which make it better than other. Photopea is an HTML5 web app it can run easily on the latest web browsers and you don’t need to install any plugins to make it functional.

Photopea editor

This provides you with all the features of editing to make your images more adorable like color editing, layers, brushes, filters, blend modes brightness adjustment, convolutions, saturation, hue etc. To make posters and designed banners there is an option of text editing tool, which is a good option. Photopea offers you to work as  PSD files and supports JPG, BMP, CXF, PNG, SVG, GIF. Its free version comes up with Ads and also with limited features but pro version is free from ads and available for 5$.

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Polarr provides you with a complete overview of its features when you browse it for the first time. It is also a photo editor which is online and free like others. It offers a complete tutorial for features and how to use this. You can also watch detail video on Youtube to get a complete look.

Polarr editor

Polarr offers a complete range of features to edit a photo like a lens distortion, Spot removal, healing brush, Brightness adjustment and many other tools to improve or fix facial imperfections. Another feature of this editor is that you can save pictures in three different quality settings and dimensions for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Its free version has limited features but you can avail its professional version for 2.49$ per month. This editor is completely ad-free which is a great aspect. Polarr is available on Web, Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS etc.


Fotor is an interesting online photo editor with amazing features. First of all, it has a clean and simple user interface which make its use convenient for learners or less experienced users. It can make you portrait classic by its features like it can remove wrinkles, fix blemishes, use cloning etc. Some other features related to face and body enrichment text editing, frames, stickers etc make it more special to users.

Fotor editor

You can create collages and also web graphic designs. There is an option of saving your work to cloud for convenient sharing. You can enjoy some other feature of Film Grain, Tilt-Shift, Color Splash, Lens Flare etc these artistic features you can avail with pro version only. It cost you 8.99 $ per month.


BeFunky is a simple and interactive online photo editor. It is easy to use and favorable for quick editing of portraits. You just need to choose filters and effects from the toolbar. Its simple user interface attracts by users. It is good for online graphic designing.

BeFunky editor

BeFunky provides you with a feature to customize your graphic design. You can avail collage marker for making awesome collages and a designer tool to produce a complete customized graphic design which is a creative feature I like it most here. It offers Fonts, Art vectors and stock photographs to help you make beautiful designs for free. Its free version contains Ads and limited features. To avail all features and Ad-free interface you need to pay 4.95$ per month.

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Lunapic is another free and simple online replacement for photoshop. You can edit and make your photos with excellent artistic features just free of cost. You can have different effects, animation, filters and much more.

Lunapic editor

Although its grey theme seems so simple and plain it still comprises of many effects and features comparable with any one of a competitive photo editor. Along with uploading an image from the desktop it also permits you to just add URL and it will pick it instantly. This completely free photo editor can support GIF, PNG, BMP and JPG files. Lunapic has the ability to share your pictures directly on social media. You can enjoy this total free editor with all of its features.


Ribbet is again a simple and user-friendly for newcomers and learners. As it is not taken as a complete replacement of photoshop but is provide many simple but useful features to make your photos well to save and share with your buddies.

Ribbet editor

Ribbet offers multiple themes it also includes a dark theme. You can store our photos via the cloud which is a good feature in fact. You can have a feature of resizing photos which is useful for sharing pictures to different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Ribbet also offers frames, stickers etc through in App search. As these features can be available if you purchase a premium membership. Cost for premium membership is 4.95$ per month. Ribbet is available for Web and iOS App.


iPiccy is online pho editor, it can be used as a replacement of photoshop. It provides you basic to advance all features to improve the quality of your pictures. You can command on color adjustment, effects, filters etc. there are some advanced features like retouch effect to portraits to remove wrinkle and dart spots also you can add makeup to elaborate facial expressions.

iPiccy editor

iPiccy does not require an account to sign up for availing its features. It can resize the image and create collages and graphic designs for you. This editor requires plugins to execute the web App but once you run it, it is easy to use. Its layered base editor is efficient and well responsive. iPiccy is completely free with all of its features.

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PicMonkey is a wonderful tool can be used as a photo editor. You can include text, background, elements etc to images excluding all unwanted stuff. It also offers features for designing flyers, posters, logos, invitations etc.

PicMonkey editor

PicMonkey avails you with thousands of overlays and bundle of amazing filters and effects. Besides all these positive features there is an absence of fixed size template which is essential for editing pictures for social networks. For the free version, you can only edit your picture but to save, export or share pictures you need to have the premium version. It cost you 7.99$ per month.

Final Verdict

That’s it for the List of 9+ Top Free Online Photoshop Alternatives. Stay tuned for similar articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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