List of Top-Rated Free Lite Android Apps in 2018

Free Lite Android Apps 2018

Does your favorite app consume more data, your smart phone’s battery draining? Then you are still unaware of some useful lightweight Android apps.

Most Popular Android Apps like Gmail, Messenger, Facebook, Chrome etc. consume a lot of data and also drain the battery with. This problem can be solved by using Lightweight Apps. These Lite versions of Android Apps can safe battery as well as data. In short Lite version best suits for those whose:

  • Phone always running out of space
  • Device being laggy
  • Device battery drain quickly
  • Internet connection is slow or having limited mobile data.

Google released new lightweight versions of the Android operating system especially for devices with 512MB to 1GB RAM. Google also added a set of, lite version of Google apps includes Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Chrome, and the new Files Go. Interesting some of these Go edition lite apps also work with older versions of Android too.

List of Top-Rated Free Lite Android Apps:

Here I am stating best lite apps for Android phones which will benefit you definitely!

Facebook Lite:

Facebook is an essential Facebook nowadays, most common App among other social media Apps. We cannot ignore its more than one billion downloads. As beside this, we also know that there is an issue with Facebook regarding its size. It consumes a large space over RAM which is sometimes not a favorable feature of this App. Sometimes we have a limited mobile data over which it becomes so laggy and become a nasty thing. Other than this cell phone sometime not support other Apps on RAM because of its large consumption of space over there.

To overcome all these issues related to this well-known App Google introduced a new lite version Facebook App with name Facebook Lite. This app can be installed instantly on Android phone because of its small size. It also controls battery drain and can be accompanied by users having low memory devices. It covers all the features of Facebook and can load quickly with low data consumption. Also, you can message right from Facebook and can avoid you to get notifications from a messenger.

Facebook Lite for Android

Messenger Lite:

Similarly, the messenger App also carries large chunks of memory on RAM. And also can be a reason for battery draining. In order to overcome these issues here, I am introducing Messenger Lite for your device.

Yeah! Its lite version of Facebook messenger. Facebook launched this recently, t also support 2G networks and for areas where a network is not stable. It operates efficiently and consumes less space as compared to the original App. The Messenger lite does not support Gif or Games but its Pros are much favorable to your device so you can sacrifice these minor features.

Messenger Lite for Android

Uber Lite:

Uber App is a famous book a ride service. The whole setup of Uber depend on online networking and so it’s App consume big chunks of data and space too. So Uber Lite is actually the solution to these problems. Uber Lite is favorable to users who are tackling old version Android smartphones or reside in weak network areas.

This Lite App is user-friendly and can be operated very easily. This App will consume less than 5MB of space and also covers all essential features of App. You can book your ride in just four steps. So for what you are waiting?

Uber Lite for Android

Amazone Kindle Lite:

We all are well aware of Amazone, as this consumes a large chunk of memory because of its large size. And this become trouble for low memory Android phones. As technology is for all so here is a solution with name Amazone Kindle Lite.

Amazone Kindle Lite is exactly same to Amazone Kindle just with small size. It carries less than 2MB of memory over RAM. So it is not an illusion to read a book on 1GB or 512GB RAM. You can do all with this App, you can customize it according to storage and your mobile data.

Amazon Kindle Lite for Android

Twitter Lite:

Twitter is another popular social media App which again takes up large memory. What actually happens to you is your App takes too much time to load features and stuck again and again. Also, it eats your mobile data which is not favorable at all.

If you are just tired of this stuff than go for a faster and friendly version with name Twitter Lite. It will take a smart space less than 3MB. The App loads efficiently on 2G and 3G networks and also give you option of data saver mode. So you can control data consumption by downloading image or videos of your choice only.

Twitter Lite for Android

Clean Master Lite:

Your device must need some App related to junk file cleaner. But if its size is large you might sacrifice it over some other useful favorite App. In order to clean your cell phone from a virus, junks etc. you need an App, in my opinion, Clean Master Lite is the best option for your Android device.

It will perform all functions like clear junk files, search virus, saves battery and much more. It will just take a memory less than 4MB.

Clean Master Lite for Android

UC Browser Mini:

If you are tired of Google Browser which consumes large Chunks of Memory and also not working on low network conditions than you should try UC Browser Mini. It is a lite version of the famous Browser App in Android. This lite App covers all features of the original App with a small size of 3.7MB.

This App is famous for its special features regarding Adblocker, Data saving, Night mode and most importantly it’s fast browsing. So if your device is low memory Android you can avail this App easily.

UC Browser Mini for Android

U launcher Lite:

We always want to customize our Android devices but when space issue comes to play we need to sacrifice our wish. There is rarely enough space to install another launcher for special customization.

U Launcher Lite here is a smart solution to your issue. Now you can enjoy your customized themes and much more by using this. This Lite App version covers almost all the features of the standard Launcher App. This Lite version also contains a feature of custom theme maker option. So you can avail this launcher at low storage with original features.

U Launcher Lite for Android

Shazam Lite:

This App is for music lovers in fact. Shazam Lite is a smaller version of famous App with name Shazam which contain millions of songs by taking a small space on RAM.

This App is suitable for both 2G and 3G networks. Also, you can use this App when you are offline. This App also saves your data, efficient in speed and can respond instantly.

Shazam Lite for Android

YouTube Go:

YouTube is our favorite App on Android to watch our favorite stuff. But it consumes large space in fact. So here YouTube Go is a Lite version App of standard with all features we need to have. It is favorable to low storage devices like Android Go. You can download it on any device with low storage memory. It just takes 9.4 MB of your RAM.

With this small size App, you can enjoy all the features, you can watch, download the video. An interesting feature of this app is that you can share videos between Android Phones without using any data transfer.

YouTube Go for Android

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Picturen Lite:

Picturen Lite is the fastest gallery app available for Android devices. This App is Lite in storage and has very attractive features. Picturen Lite have inbuilt password protection feature, GIF playback, video player and much more.

Picturen Lite for Android

Files Go:

Storage management is an important problem in Android phones. Files Go is Googles native App for management of storage on your device. This App can make free space in your device, locate files if you need to share it offers you to share offline.

It only takes 8.93MB of memory work fastly as compared to other. You can upload files on google drive by App itself. Files Go use filters instead of folders so your content is organized automatically.

Files Go for Android

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LinkedIn Lite:

LinkedIn Lite is also Lite App which can be operatable on even low network conditions. It also eats up very low space and so you can have LinkedIn in your hand.

LinkedIn Lite for Android

Google Go:

If you are tired of using Google Chrome and want something else that can save data and work fastly. Then you should use this Lite App Google Go. It makes exploring, discovering and sharing in a very easy and fast way. It saves data up to 40% which is a very good offer.

Google go consume space of 5MB in size and have all the features of Google regular App. This Lite App avails you with quick access to websites, videos, Apps, images etc. in a very little time.

Google GO for Android

Camera360 Lite:

Beauty camera Apps are an essential part of the smartphones in an era of Selfie madness. Camera360 Lite is a fully featured and free beauty camera App. This can run storage of 4MB. Camera360 Lite is HD camera App and gives you faster results at low storage.

Camera360 Lite for Android

Google Maps Go:

As Google maps sometime get unresponsive and can be troublesome while you are on the way to somewhere. So its Lite version can handle this problem. Google Maps Go is a progressive Web App so you need to install Google Chrome to use this.

Google Maps Go is a Lite Version but it contains all the features of the original App. It is of small size and can run smoothly even on weak networks.

Google Maps Go for Android

Parallel Space Lite:

This is very common to have multiple Apps nowadays. But this can be troublesome for low RAM and also battery go to die very soon. Developers came up with the solution and they introduced Parallel Space Lite. Now you can use multiple what’s App, Facebook and also games without battery and storage concern.

 Parallel Space Lite for Android

Google Assistant Go:

Google Assistant is a very useful and helpful App. We all want this on our Android devices. It can make calls, give replies, send text messages, provide weather information, navigates the places, and much more. This is something more than your personal assistant can do.

If you are going to lose this just because of a space issue than you can go for Google Assistant Go. Which is its Lite version with all of its features? It takes lesser space and speedy too.

Google Assistant Go for Android

Skype Lite:

Likewise, Skype Lite is also built to sort out storage and data consumption problems. This App can meet your daily messaging and video communication requirements. This consist of all features similar to that of original have. Skype Lite is smart, fast and lets your free audio & video calls and text messages. This can also run smoothly under limited network condition.

Skype Lite for Android

Gmail Go:

This App is explicitly developed for Android Go devices. This is a customized Android App which eats up less than 10MB of storage. This Lite App is offered with all of its real Gmail features.

This Lite version consists of the precise inbox that clean up daily your mailbox automatically. Also, it blocks spam emails and your email box is filtered from unnecessary content. Gmail Go also offers you a multiple account support.

Gmail Go for Android

In The End

That’s it for List of Top-Rated Free Lite Android Apps in 2018. Stay tuned for further articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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