Convenient Ways to Transfer Whatsapp Data from iPhone to Android

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

Transferring stuff from one device to another can be a difficult and frustrating operation. Especially when you have to transfer data on two different operating systems. It becomes nearly impossible for an individual to perform such a challenging task. Still, it does not mean that users should stick to a single OS. They should try to experience as much as they can because it’s how they can collect more n more knowledge about growing development. It’s always good for a user to stay connected with the growing improvements in the modern era of technology.

However, we are here to help our viewers to help them with the problems they face while performing their desired tasks. Today our topic is about Convenient Ways to Transfer Whatsapp Data from iPhone to Android. We will try to help our viewers accordingly with the right solutions which we know are helpful. So without any further delay, Let’s Start!

Convenient Ways to Transfer Whatsapp Data from iPhone to Android

We have come up with a number of Convenient Ways to Transfer Whatsapp Data from iPhone to Android. Apart from the other delegations made by iCloude, Android users should not consider getting a backup of their Whatsapp chats from Google Drive. Because it will not work eventually. Yet there is not a single known way to perform this particular task but we will provide our users with an alternative way to get the job done easily. Fortunately, one should follow the provided ways to perform this particular task. So head below to start:

Way 1 – Through iSkysoft Toolbox

The first way we are going to talk about is by using the services of a third-party app. Yeah! iSkysoft Toolbox is the name of the app which comes in handy while transferring Whatsapp data from iOS to Android devices. This is a social media transfer app which response perfectly for the Whatsapp users. However, with this app, users get to transfer their whole stuff like videos, music files, each n everything can be transferred from iPhone to Android. Also, there are some other features like getting everything done easily without getting stuck into frustrating steps. Furthermore, this application is compatible with all the latest iOS versions (4.0 and later).

So let us get to the part where you get to know how to work with this app.

  • First, connect both iPhone and Android device with your PC or Laptop.
  • Now, install iSkysoft Toolbox first on PC. (Link)
  • Open the application to start processing.
  • Click once on the Restore Social app button.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

  • Navigate to Whatsapp from the left side provided bar.
  • Hit the Transfer Whatsapp messages button.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

  • Click on the Transfer button.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

  • Type your Gmail ID only if you have one. If not, just click on the skip button.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

  • To succeed, you must click on the Yes button, because without it, the application will not go further.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

  • After a while, your Whatsapp data will be transferred and you will be provided with a popup telling you that the job is done.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android


Way 2 – Through iTunes & WazzapMigrator

A user can use the help of both iTunes & WazzapMigrator to transfer Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android. However, as you know iTunes is made for the iOS users and WazzapMigrator is made for the Android ones. Users can easily download this app from play store in order to start processing with it. Well, let us talk about the step to achieve our objective here:

  • Connect your iPhone with your PC and open iTunes in your browser.
  • First, Backup your Whatsapp chat in iTunes.
  • Now, run iPhone Backup Browser in order to start the process. (Link)
  • Backup your iPhone data on PC with the help of iTunes.
  • Open your backup file which you just created.
  • Search for you Whatsapp chats which you can access from the left sidebar of the backup browser.
  • Select your desired chats which you would like to transfer.
  • Once there, transfer the selected files to your Android device with the help of USB cable.
  • Here comes the part when you need to install WazzapMigrator on your Android Device.
  • When installed, Start by tapping on the Select iPhone Archive button.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

  • Choose your desired data which you wish to be transferred in your Android device.

Transfer Whatsapp Data iPhone Android

  • In a matter of seconds, your selected data will get transferred and you will be provided with the details.

Way 3 – Through Email Chat

The easiest way to get the job done is by emailing the WhatsApp chat file to the Gmail account. But the easy part does not come for free, one should overcome the obligation made by the Gmail on the file limit. Meaning, a file which is to be sent should not cross the storage limit provided by the Gmail. Apart from such obligation, this can be done in no time. Though users can only view the chats on their Android devices, they can not sync it to their device.

Head below to know how it is done:

  • Open Settings app on iPhone.
  • Go To Chat History, then Chat Settings and then Chat Email.
  • Choose Whatsapp messages.
  • Now, a popup window will appear asking you to choose an option of either you wish to email with “Attach Media” or “Without Media“.
  • Just like sending an email, enter your Gmail ID and hit the send button.
  • Receive your file on Android device and view your old-time Whatsapp messages anytime you want to.

Final Verdict

That’s all for Convenient Ways to Transfer Whatsapp Data from iPhone to Android. Feel free to feedback in the comments box below and do not forget to share our posts with your friends on social media. Thanks.

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