Videoder APK Download – Latest Version in 2020

Videoder APK Download

As long as the internet is alive, users will never stop looking for the best video downloaders. It’s a fact, Youtube is the most beloved live streaming platform users will ever have. But not everyone likes to waste their mobile data to watch a similar video over n over again. That is why live streamers are in demand for such applications which can help them download videos online. Likely, there is an app known as Videoder, which can help them download videos without a hassle. If you want to download Videoder for Android, click on the button provided below. As if you like to get some detail on the app, head to the article provided beneath the button.

What is Videoder App?

Videoder is an Android application that allows users to download videos from any online platform. Portals like Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and so on. This app comes with a built-in browser with preinstalled search engine algorithms. After a user searches the website, it opens in the interface of the app. After that, if it has videos, then you can download them without facing any restrictions. Fortunately, there are some other free video downloaders like Snaptube & Vidmate.

Videoder App

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Videoder for Facebook & Instagram

With the development of apps like Videoder, it has become a piece of cake for users to download videos from Facebook & Instagram. As we all know that millions of people share their favorite videos on such portals. Such videos are posted because users want others to feel the joy that they felt while watching them. But some users want to download such videos to watch them offline. For that, this app has come forward to allow a user to access his Facebook & Instagram account directly from Videoder. After signing in,  download or live stream videos from Facebook watch or do the same with Instagram stories. Do as you like to do, without any trouble.

Videoder for Youtubers

Now that you know there is a huge amount of Youtubers out there. Users love to live stream videos on Youtube and most of them also made accounts to access their favorite videos & playlists in no time. Videoder knows that, so it has provided with a facility to allow users to sync their Youtube data with the app. Consumers can log in with the help of their Gmail account, after that, all of their Youtube data will be transferred in Videoder.

Videoder Youtube Downloader

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Videoder Variant Categories

You will be glad to know that Videoder knows that every person comes with different taste of videos. A variety of videos are available on each of the categories offered by the app. If you are a sports fan, here is a good chance for you to stay tuned with your favorite sports stars and event. Also, if you are looking for the gameplay & storyline of your favorite games, you can find a lot of them which are posted by different developers & players as well. Likely, there is also a music gallery that allows you to access musical videos just like any other live streaming platform.

More On Videoder

  • Offered Resolutions: While watching or downloading videos, users are allowed to select video resolutions. Also, If you have a good internet connection, the app will decide to provide you with high-resolution. But if you have a weak network, then Videoder will decide to deliver you with low video resolution.
  • Mp3 Converter: Want videos for your mp3 players? Cheer up! because Videoder lets you convert videos into mp3 format. After downloading a video file, you can convert them easily.
  • Sharing is Good: Now, users can share the downloaded videos with others directly from the app. Consumers are even allowed to share the Videoder APK file with others via social media portals.

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How To Download Videos In Videoder?

Following are the easy steps to download videos via Videoder:

  • Open Videoder on your Android device.
  • Tap on your desired video to live stream or download it.
  • Tap on the download button placed beneath the video.

After adding a file for downloading, you can also see for the progress by heading to the download section.

Videoder APK Details

Name Videoder
Version v14.4.2
File Size 11MB
Developer Rahul Verma
Available Languages English, Hindi and 32 more

How To Download & Install Videoder on Android

  • After you have downloaded the Videoder APK file from the button given at the beginning of this article. Head to the settings of your device.
  • Navigate to security tap and here unable installation from unknown resources.
  • Now, come back to your downloads folder and now open the Videoder APK file.
  • Wait a while and let the app install properly.
  • After the successful installation of Videoder for Android, open it and enjoy it.


Which is the best video download App?

Videoder is installed and trusted by millions of users. People love it because it is the most convenient portal available which allows you to download videos. Because in this app, you can start downloading videos with a single tap.

Is it Safe To Use Videoder App?

Videoder is safe for you. Because the ads you see in the app are approved by Google itself. So if it was a lame or a buggy app, Google would not let you access the app on your Android device.

Videoder Tips\Tricks

In case you like to experience more with the app, try using a VPN with the location of India or the United Kingdom. However, if you are a user of such a location, you can explore anything you want on the internet without much hassle.

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