Vidmate HD Video Downloader APK for Android – Latest Version

Vidmate HD Video Downloader APK for Android
Vidmate HD Video Downloader – v4.2504 Download For Android

Are you tired of continuously buffering, during watching a video due to poor internet connection? No matter how good is your connection, the internet always makes you bothered when your video or movie begins to halt at your favourite scene. It just spoils your mood when you don’t want to wait for streaming. You want a platform where you can go ahead without these internet problems. I have a brilliant solution for you.

What Is Vidmate?

Vidmate HD Video Downloader is the best solution to all issues related to video streaming and buffering. You can download it for android for free. Vidmate is one of the best applications currently available to download music, videos, movies, drama serials, etc. It can support more than 1000 websites, for instance, Youtube, Dailymotion, Meta café, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, FunnyorDie, Tumbler and other tons of multimedia portals. Vidmate has a neat and attractive interface, on opening the App you will see a list of supported icons at the top you can select the media of your own choice. To download anything by using this App is very easy and simple you just click the download button and here you go.

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Key Features of Vidmate

Another attractive feature of Vidmate HD Video Downloader is its option to choose the video quality according to your ease. You can set the video quality like HD, low quality, 360p, 1080p or lower as per requirement. Along with this, you can also convert downloaded media into Mp3 and Mp4 within the App. No need to use a third-party app for conversion. It can download videos 200% faster than any other downloader. Furthermore any time you can pause or resume the video. Downloaded videos are organized by date in a separate folder.

Vidmate HD Video Downloader APK for Android

Vidmate for Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram

Vidmate comes handy in downloading videos from social media apps. With it, users can download videos from social media platforms without any hassle. There is a powerful search engine installed within Vidmate. This search engine allows you to search for your favourite portal without any trouble. Once you are inside your desired portal, open the videos you wish to download and just hit the top right corner button. However, it is a little different to download Whatsapp status videos. For such a cause, Vidmate HD Video Downloader allows you to enter your Whatsapp account and from it download whatever you want to. As for Facebook and Instagram, you just need to log in and live stream or download any video you want to.

Vidmate As A Youtube Downloader

Billions of Youtube users face a similar problem. How To Download Youtube Videos? Well, Vidmate is the right solution for this particular problem. If you even like to live stream videos from Youtube, this app is made for you. See it as a lite weight app which works well even on slower devices. With it, users do not have to face slow streaming problems. They are provided with smooth streaming performance. Which makes them live stream and download their favourite Youtube videos in no time. Feel free to get all the recommended videos which you get on Youtube. Fortunately, simple tasks need the attention of an individual to download a Youtube video from Vidmate. Open the video and tap once on the download button placed on the top-right corner & the bottom right corner.

Vidmate Supported Formats

If you want to download music, there are more than twenty different platforms available search video any of them and Vidmate will automatically save video and audio tracks. Vidmate also allows you to download apps and games on Android within the App. Another great thing about Vidmate is, it allows you to download videos in different formats. Most popular formats supported by this App are MP4, 3GP, AVI, ASF, FLV, MPG, MOV, SWF, WMV and RM. It is an excellent source to download media of any kind without any technical and special support. Vidmate is convenient and flexible for both Android and PC. You can download App for your Android and windows to download unlimited videos, music and much more.


Vidmate for Android – APK Download

App Name Vidmate HD Video Downloader
Latest Version v4.2504
Old Version v3.6507
Developer Vidmate Inc.
File Size 14MB
Main Feature Unlimited Downloads

How to Install Vidmate HD Video Downloader APK for Android Device:

It is very simple and easy to download a Vidmate to android device and then install it. Just follow the following instructions,

  • Firstly, download the Vidmate APK file.
  • Now to install this App on Android phone go to settings.
  • Tap the security tab then Enable “installation from unknown sources”.
  • Its time to open Vidmate APK file.
  • It may warn you about unknown source depending on the setting on your android, by ignoring it install it and enjoy unlimited videos and other media.


What is the Use of Vidmate?

Vidmate is supposed to be the best third-party app to download videos from live streaming portals. Users can enjoy watching their favourite videos from this app. There is no concept of complications made in it. Anyone can easily watch and download an unlimited amount of videos without spending a penny.

Is Vidmate Safe for Android?

There is no way an app like Vidmate can harm your Android device. It only delivers you with the most appropriate results on videos. Media files which are uploaded by others. So consider it yourself, how can a video file harm your device. Still, if you feel like you want security while accessing Vidmate. You can always use the services of a VPN while accessing this app.

Is Vidmate Legal?

You can always acquire the services of apps like Vidmate to download videos from the internet. Such an app can be downloaded from the internet. So consider yourself, if Vidmate was illegal, it would not have millions of daily downloads from Google. So feel free and do not get too ambitious.

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