Windows 10 – Fix Taskbar Problems

guide to fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

Windows 10 is considered to be an elite operating system introduced by Microsoft. Such an operating system is introduced to provide tons of facilities to Windows users. There was a time when users had Windows 7 or 8 OS which contained limited services according to the current era of technology. So with Windows 10, users were provided with facilities that no other operating system could deliver before. But where there are tons of services, there also are some corrupts. For instance, users find Windows 10 taskbar frozen or not working. That’s why I am going to provide you with the fixes to solve Windows 10 taskbar problems. Let’s Start!

Windows 10 – Fixing Taskbar Problems

Windows 10 comes with dozens of helping services for its users. Likewise, there are some things that a Windows user has to perform by himself. Like methods to protect Windows OS from viruses, monitoring data usage and setting limits, and find lost files that you cannot remember. Though, there are also some errors which you may have to face. Users can only overcome such errors by performing fixes by themselves. For instance, Headphones not working in Windows 10, Recording videos without any software or even configuring Windows 10 for an elderly person.

My point being here is that if your operating system is acting a little buggy or its providing you with the facilities you want the most. You can always customize Windows 10 according to your preferences. For today, we are going to discuss some fixes to solve Windows 10 taskbar problems. Well, I have enlisted 5 fixes so far which I’m going to share with my viewers. So without any further delay, let me take you to the guide to fix Windows 10 taskbar problems:

Fix 1 – Reboot Windows Explorer

The easiest way to fix Windows 10 taskbar problem is by restarting Windows Explorer. Its an easy task and if you are guided well, you can perform it without any complications. However, it does require your attention to complete a number of steps. For that, I have drafted a step by step guide which is provided below:

  • Firstly, right-click on your Windows 10 taskbar and click once on Task Manager.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • In Task Manager, Select Windows Explorer and hit the Restart button.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

Fix 2 – Through Command Prompt

Another technical way to fix Windows 10 taskbar frozen or not working issue is by heading to the Command Prompt. In such an environment, a user will have to run a number of commands in order to overcome such a frustrating issue.

  • Type cmd in Windows 10 Cortana bar.
  • Right-click on Command prompt and select run as administrator.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • In the cmd environment, type Powershell and press enter.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • Now, run the provided command in cmd: Get-appxpackage – allusers | foreach {Add-appxpackage – disabledevelopmentmode – register “$($_.installLocation)appxmanifest.xml”}   (Just copy it and paste in the command prompt)

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • After running above command successfully, navigate to C:/Users/your_username/AppData/Local. In this folder, delete Tiledatalayer.
  • The last step is to restart your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Fix 3 – Check for Updates

Another fix to overcome the issue of Windows 10 taskbar problems is by checking for the pending updates. It’s because sometimes the error just because of the non-updated operating system and a user do not know if that’s what troubles him.

  • Navigate to settings of your Windows 10 PC by pressing Windows key + I.
  • Here, select Update & Security.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • In the Windows Update section, click on Check for Updates.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

See for yourself as if your Windows 10 needs to be updated or not. If you are provided with a pending update, do follow the steps provided by your OS to solve the problem of Windows 10 taskbar frozen or not working issue.

Fix 4 – Update Windows 10 Drivers

It is a possibility that your Windows 10 drivers are causing problems that are leading to taskbar issues. So it works best intrust for a user to install the updates of the installed drivers by himself. If you do not know how to perform such operation, you can always acquire the services of third-party software to get the job well done. For instance, DriverPack Solution comes as a healthy way to overcome such an issue. A user only needs to start such software and see its working while sitting on a couch.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

Fix 5 – Reset Windows 10 PC

If nothing seems to work, there is another hope for Windows 10 users. They can reset their operating system properly and see the magic which will work best in trust for them. Fortunately, this will delete all the files stored in your windows disk. So it will be better for you to back up your important files before you perform such an operation. If not, you can always use the services of Windows 10 recovery software to get the job done.

  • In Windows 10 settings, navigate to Update & Security.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • From the Recovery menu, hit Get Started button.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • Now, you will be delivered with both options, either you want to keep your saved files or not. If you want a total reboot, select Remove everything.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar problems

  • Its time for you to sit tight and let your OS perform all the necessary steps by itself.

Hopefully, after that, you will not face any Windows 10 taskbar problems.

Final Verdict

That is all for the guide to fix Windows 10 taskbar problems. Feel free to feedback in the comments box below. If you find our guide helpful, stay tuned with TechPCApps and do not forget to share our articles on social media. Thanks.

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