Windows 10 – Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits

Most of the users of the internet worry about their Data Usage. It’s not a bad habit to consider the possibilities of their bandwidth. Because some of the users have limited bandwidth and they do not like to pay extra bills just for some extra Data Usage. Even for the users who have unlimited streaming packages, they should also Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits. Because of the viruses and bugs on the internet, the data limits go high and the user considers what has he/she downloaded from the internet.  So the purpose of our guide is to provide you with the steps to Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits on Windows 10. Follow the steps below in order to start the tutorial:

How To Monitor Data Usage In Windows 10

It is really simple to Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits In Windows 10. Only a number of steps are you are on your way to see what’s really happening according to your internet bandwidth.

  • Turn on your PC/Laptop and log in.
  • Now, open setting.
  • Go to Network and Internet.
  • Hit Data Usage.

Windows 10 - Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits

Monitor Apps Accessing Data Usage

As Windows 10 comes with lots of features for the users, it has an astonishing amount of things to help them as well. Users can now look for each app for which one is sucking more bandwidth than the others. Its also really simple to perform this particular task. When you open the Data Usage menu, a click-on link will appear just beneath it. Named as View Usage Per App, click on it and see what it has for you.

Windows 10 Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits

If you like to see more, this OS has to offer you more. You can see the data usage of all the recently connected wi-fi and ethernet. For that, you will have to click on the Show Usage From menu and make your choice.

Windows 10 Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits

The fun never stops, users can even reset data usage. As if they just like to see what happens in the future or if they are renewing their internet package. For that, they need to choose the wi-fi (all network) option and then hit the Reset Usage Stats button.

Windows 10 Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits

Monitor Background Data Usage In Windows 10

There is no basic feature installed in Windows 10 to help you see if something is making chaos in the background. But it does not mean that we cannot find ways to see if there is something suspicious going on. Because sometimes users get so frustrated when they see their monthly bills and stuff. No one likes to extra for some lame cause, so we are here to help users drop the unnecessary apps from their big list. But first thing is you see if all the things are running smoothly or there are some interruptions.

To start the process, the first thing you need to do is open Task Manager. Basically, this portal is used to see if your PC/Laptop is running slow or smoothly. See, here comes the useful trick. Because if some apps or operations are sucking your data out, you will know through your performance level. As of its according to your OS credentials, then its fine and no need to worry. But if its running slow and the performance rate is low, then you must consider of taking precautions to save your operating system. For better performance options, Click on the Open Resource Monitor link, placed in the bottom bar of Task Manager.

Stop Background Apps from Sucking You Dry

It will be better for the users to turn off the Data Usage of the apps which runs in the background. Because most of them do not ask for the user’s permission and they slow your OS operations. So in order to do that you just need to see for the last menu in the Data Usage section. Click to choose Always in the limit what Store apps and Windows features can do in the background.

Windows 10 Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits

Time to Set Data Limits

Now, the time has come for you to set your own Data Limits. Users are allowed to set them according to their choice. As if they want to set it monthly or One time. Also, if the user wants, he/she can choose to set unlimited data usage. But this action may cause them a low performance of their operating system. So it would be better to make a monthly limit. Moreover, you have the credibility to choose the unit of your data limit, as if you want to set it in MB or GB.

Windows 10 Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits

In The End

If you like to make further improvements and like to see more detail view of your Data Usage. Then, it will be good for you to install a third party data monitor software on Windows 10. Lots of them are available on the web, so we guess it will be very difficult for you to find them. Moreover, the last but the best tip for the users is to always install a registered Anti-virus software on their device. For that, do not look for the free software, just get the best for yourself, even if you have to pay for it.

That’s it for How To Monitor Data Usage and Set Limits In Windows 10. Stay tuned for similar tips/tricks and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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