Windows 10 – Run as Administrator Not Working

Windows operating systems are known to be famous among many. Millions of Desktop or Laptop users consider Windows 10 as a trustworthy operating system. There are tons of features which only this specific OS has to offer. For instance, a feature of Run as Administrator, such an amazing feature allows one to use his operating systems with full authorizations. It’s obvious that you have to enable Run as Administrator feature by yourself. Though, there are some Windows users who are facing a difficulty of Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10. So I have come up with a number of fixes to solve this particular problem.

Windows 10 – Run As Administrator Not Working Issue

Microsoft delivers its users with a number of updates. Most of them are because of the online bugs and some are because a Windows 10 user is unable to get what he wants from its operating system. However, there are ways to every single problem which a user has to face on his Windows OS. Like there are methods to protect your Windows 10 From Viruses & Malware & recover deleted files in Windows 10.  My point being here is that any users get solutions for every particular problem they have on Windows 10. So in order to solve Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10, follow the fixes provided below:

Fix 1 – Turn Off Antivirus

The first which requires your attention to solve Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10 is to turn off your Antivirus. There is a possibility that one has installed an Antivirus software on his PC and is not allowed to use it as Run as Administrator. Its because a Windows user does not know as if his Antivirus has made some restrictions and is not allowing him to do whatever he likes to. That’s why you must check it and see for yourself that now you can Run as Administrator or not.

Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10

Fix 2 – Make A Guest Account

If the above fix does not come in handy in solving Run as Administrator Not Working Issue in Windows 10. You must make a Guest account to let your operating system know when you have logged in as Administrator. To do so, head into the control panel and from account settings, make a new Guest Account. It’s that simple and can be helpful to fix run as administrator problem.

Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10

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Fix 3 – Uninstall Malicious Windows Applications

It is a possibility that a Windows 10 user has to face the problem of Run as Administrator not working because of the newly installed applications or software. One way to know about such malicious applications is by monitoring data usage and setting limits on Windows 10. However, if you have installed a Windows application recently and know that after its installation you are facing such problem. You can just head right in the Control Panel of Windows 10 and uninstall such software which you think are causing trouble.

Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10

Fix 4 –   Clean Boot for Windows 10

It’s a possibility that a virus or bug has entered into your Windows OS and not allowing you to run as administrator. A deadly virus which runs at the startup of your Windows 10. Such viruses cannot be found by many of the Antivirus software and if you have disabled your Windows 10 firewalls, only God and yourself can help you fix it. Head below to learn such mandatory steps:

  • Press Windows key + R button. Here Run dialogue box will open, type msconfig and hit enter.
  • In the System Configuration, navigate to Services.
  • Click on Hide all Microsoft Services and then click once on Disable all.
  • Once done, Hit Apply button and then OK button.

Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10

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Fix 5 – Execute DISM Command

If none of the above-provided fixes seems to work, you can use the DISM command to fix Run as Administrator not working problem. Running a command is a little different than any of the fixes provided above. But it can get the job well done. Though there are two ways to perform such operation, one is by heading to the Windows Powershell and the other one is by running DISM command in Command Prompt. As for this particular problem, one must try to run DISM command in Windows Powershell. To do so, press the Windows key + X button. Select Windows PowerShell (Admin) and here in the blue page, run DISM command. Depending on the performance of your PC or Laptop, it will take a couple of minutes to fix Run as administrator problem. The command you need to run is DSIM /online /clean-up image /restore health.

Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows 10

Final Verdict

That’s all for Windows 10 – Run as Administrator Not Working Issue. Hopefully, all of the provided fixes were helpful for you. Feel free to feedback in case you face any difficulty in performing such operation. If my guide was helpful for you, do not forget to share it with your friends on social media. Thanks.

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