Microsoft – Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

No matter what sort of IT solution you want, Microsoft corporations will never leave you out in blind. That’s why there are millions for fans of Windows operating system. Many of the users like this OS because of its support for every age user. For instance, now users can set their Windows PC according to the old age people. Likely, there are plenty of ways to set data usage limits in Windows 10. Our point being here is that sometimes we have to imply a trick to get what we want from our Computer. So in this guide, we will talk about some of the official Windows Logo Key Shortcuts official announced by Microsoft corporations.

Windows Key Shortcuts

List of Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

As a matter of fact, Windows key is used to access the start menu at any moment. Such menu appears on above of all the running applications. Though, Windows key has a lot to offer to us. It’s not just about having a pop-up menu for accessing small games or applications on Windows. So without any further delay, let’s take you to the guide on the List of Windows Logo Key Shortcuts:

Key Blend Working
Win key + M Minimizes the opened Windows
Win key + D Minimizes all and displays Desktop
Win key + Pause Views System Property
Win key + shift + M Opens the minimized Windows
Win key + E Initiates My Computer
Win key + F Views a feedback dialogue box
Ctrl + Win key + F Helps you search other PCs connected with the same network
Win key + R Starts the Run dialogue box
Win key + T Runs the Programs available on the Taskbar
Win key + L Lock Screen
Win key + Ctrl + M Opens Magnifier app
Win key + P Allow you to select Display Mode
Win key + U Opens Display Settings
Win key + X Access start menu options
Win Key + G Opens Game bar
Win key + (+, -) Zoom magnifier
Win key + Ctrl + M Open Magnifier settings
Win key + tab Shift through currently running applications
Ctrl + Win key + tab Allows the use of arrows keys to shift between the running apps
Ctrl + Win key + B Get right to the newly received notification
Win key + V Opens Clipboard application
Win key + down arrow Minimizes the Window
Win key + up arrow Maximizes the Window
Win key + right arrow Maximizes at the ride side
Win key + left arrow Maximizes at the left side
Win key + Home Minimizes all but the currently appearing window
Win key + Shift + Up Arrow Allows to Stretch opened Window
Win key + Shift + Forward or Backward arrows Moves opened Window from one display to another
Alt + Win key + number (1, 2, 3, …..) Opens the program according to the sequence of number a user press
Ctrl + Win key + number (1, 2, 3, …..) Allows access to the programs with a backward sequence of number
Shift + Win key + number (1, 2, 3, …..) Good for browsers, when you got to open a new tab
Win key + number (1, 2, 3, ….) Opens the application yet available in the taskbar according to the number you press.

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Work Smart Not Hard!

Now, that we have seen what amazing variety of Windows Logo Key Shortcuts is available. Let me remind you that, all of the provided above shortcuts are officially announced by Microsoft itself. But most of the users do not know how to find such helping material in the market. So do follow TechPCApps or bookmark our page to access Windows Logo Key Shortcuts conveniently. Do share our posts on social media with your friends & foe. Thanks for your precious time.

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