Enable Youtube Gesture for Brightness & Volume

Youtube Gesture Brightness Volume

Youtube is known as the best source to live stream videos. As a matter of fact, billions of users come visit Youtube on a daily purpose. Many of which consider accessing Youtube Alternatives. Most of them are the ones who access the Youtube app from their Android devices. As there are many ways to modify Youtube for better user experience, there is still one missing. A Youtube app user always consider enabling Youtube Gesture for Brightness & Volume. If you ask me, it is a question of which I had no answer before. But now, a tip/trick has hit my mind and I am going to share this amazing trick with you on How To Enable Youtube Gesture for Brightness & Volume. So if you feel intrusted in gathering some more knowledge according to the subject, follow the guide provided below:

 How To Enable Youtube Gesture for Brightness & Volume

As a matter of fact, there is no straight way to Enable Youtube Gesture for Brightness & Volume. Unfortunately, the official Youtube app comes with no such features. But it does not mean that we can not get the job done. So in order to fulfill your needs on accessibility, we are going to use the help of a third-party app known as Youtube Vanced. Firstly, you must download it, then I will provide you with the step by step guide on How To Enable Youtube Gesture for Brightness & Volume.

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Download & Install Youtube Vanced On Android

Fortunately, Youtube Vanced comes as a modded version of Youtube. Because of some complicated reasons, it’s not available on Google Play Store. So in order to download & Install Youtube Vanced On Android, you are going to install it by following the APK installation method. Though, I have drafted an article on Youtube Vanced APK With Microg [Non-Root]. Such an article will help you install Youtube Vanced on Android. You just need to click on the button provided below:

Enable Youtube Vanced Gesture for Brightness & Volume

After you have installed Youtube Vanced APK on Android, half part of your job is done. Now, you can now decide your own dark or light Youtube theme as you prefer. I hope that you will find it really amazing and astonishing. However, for your own convenience, follow the easy steps provided below to Enable Youtube Gesture for Brightness & Volume:

  • Firstly, Tap on the Profile icon.

Youtube Gesture Brightness Volume

  • Open Settings.

Youtube Gesture Brightness Volume

  • Go to Vanced Settings.

Youtube Gesture Brightness Volume

  • Navigate to Swipe Controls.

Youtube Gesture Brightness Volume

  • Now, enable Swipe Controls by tapping once on the provided button.

Youtube Gesture Brightness Volume

  • When done, control brightness gesture from the left side and control the volume from the right.


What Is Microg Youtube Vanced?

Youtube Vanced provides a similar platform as of Youtube. As the Microg is another facility provided for the Youtube Vanced users to sign in with their Youtube account. Also, Youtube Vanced is popular because of the adblocking, video playing in the background, and a number of themes provided in it.

Does Youtube Vanced Require Root Process?

In the early days, Youtube Vanced required root process for full installation. But now with the help of Microg, it has become possible for the users to get Youtube Vanced Non-Root. Now there is no need for a user to step into length and frustrating process of rooting Android device.

Is Youtube Vanced Safe?

Obviously, Youtube Vanced is safe for every Android device. Users can install it with full satisfaction of security. There are tons of unique features in Youtube Vanced which you may not find in any other Youtube alternatives.

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